This week’s devotion gets at one of the fundamental purposes underlying the Renovate movement. Consider a reading from October 13th. “Thy word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against Thee.” (Psalms 119:11, NASB) I want to encourage you to keep going and not to lose heart as we examine God’s Word together. I know how the pressures of life and busy schedules can distract you from this endeavor. As far as the evil one is concerned, that is exactly the point. When you engage in reading and contemplating the scripture, you become extremely dangerous to the powers of darkness that are bent on destruction. Sin, and the temptation towards it, is the greatest weapon in the arsenal of Satan. With an open Bible, an open mind, and an open heart you are absorbed into an ever deepening relationship with the God who gave you life. As you preoccupy yourself with hearing from the LORD in His Word, the Holy Spirit of God who gave you life from the dead the moment you believed in faith will be recognized as fighting the enemy on your behalf; freeing you even more to learn about and love the Savior! Conversely, the devil wants nothing more than for you to put down your Bible and attempt to fight your battles in your own power; your own “flesh.” In Romans chapter eight, the Apostle Paul warns that it is the “flesh” that leads to death; he also commends it is the Spirit that leads to life and peace. Therefore, take the advice of the Psalmist today. “Thy word I have treasured in my heart…” Not only hear and read the word, but receive it into the areas of your life that you deem most dear; mix it with faith (believing its admonitions and promises even when it doesn’t make sense); cherish it in your mind and memory for future use, where it might dwell deeply and be of service to you on many occasions. Why? “…That I may not sin against Thee.” The word of God is the most powerful antidote against sin. Not only does the instruction of it forbid sin, but the promises of it influence you toward a pure heart and life. It helps you, through grace and faith, secure a relationship with God in Jesus Christ; and, likewise, successfully deny sin and the lusts of this world. What will your life look like at the end of this journey? This much I know… you will never be the same! In Christ, Pastor Rob