Incredibly we have been working our way through our devotional Bible for 14 weeks now! This week brings us back to the beginning and the very first statement in the Word of God is extremely fitting as a reminder of our place in the cosmos.

Genesis 1:1a (NASB)
In the beginning God…

All else emanates from here. Truth resides at this point. If we are to properly relate to the universe in which we have been created, we must begin at God.

Does life have meaning and purpose? In the beginning God… Am I in control of my own destiny? In the beginning God… What about things that don’t seem to make sense? In the beginning God… Why all the pain? In the beginning God… Why the joy?  In the beginning God… Why the mystery? In the beginning God… Why am I able to understand the things that I do? In the beginning God…  Keep asking the questions and filling in the blanks…

We just finished reading the Book of Revelation where Jesus, through the pen of John, says that He is the “Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Even when things remain unanswered in our lives, hope can be grasped within this assurance.  All things begin in God and ultimately all things will culminate in His sovereign hand. Selwyn Hughes, the devotional author of the “Every Day With Jesus” Bible said it well in his reflection of this theme, “…if God is not our primary focus, then everything else will soon get out of focus.”

Don’t lose heart beloved. Keep reading God’s word. Don’t let anything get in your way!

In Christ,

Pastor Rob